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GENEDEC 2004-2007
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A quantitative and qualitative assessment of the socio-economic and environmental impacts of decoupling of direct payments on agricultural production, markets and land use in the EU

GENEDEC has been designed to assess the socio-economic and environmental impacts of the decoupling of direct payments, which was decided in the framework of the Luxembourg agreement.

It is aimed at providing insights into the workability, the efficiency and the impacts of various decoupling scenarios, so as to provide the European Commission with recommendations and alternative options for further improvement of the CAP. In addition it tackles environmental concerns as far as modelled farming activities are linked to environmental indicators. This will be helpful to include cross-compliance and 2nd pillar policy measures in the analysis. The expected quantitative analysis will be complemented by a study of the possible socio-economic consequences for some territories and for the food chain.

The strength of the project is the coverage of the whole European Union (the analysis of new Member States depends on the timely availability of data) at various levels of analysis ranging from the farm to the Member State level. The majority of models applied in the project are based either on linear programming or positive mathematical programming. Existing models are further developed to tackle quotas, premium entitlements and land markets. Furthermore models and software are harmonised to ease the comparison of results and their aggregation to sector level or other scales (region, state, EU).

This program is available for 39 monthes. It begins March 1. 2004.

Project number: 502184

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